Two Mermaids in the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya

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Backstage video of the session

Claire_la_Sirène, a professional mermaid

A French professional mermaid, @Claire_la_Sirène , and one of her her friend, @Julia_book_around_the_world, came to explore the Riviera Maya cenotes. Claire performs spectacular aquatic shows in giant tanks. She is a true professional with incredible agility who perfectly manages the movement of her body and her facial expressions under the water.

Photographing mermaids under the waters of cenotes: a unique experience

I was fortunate and honored to be able to do an underwater photo shoot in the cenotes with a professional of this magnitude. In every photo I took, she was expressing something. It was incredible! My team and I learned many tricks and techniques from Claire – lessons that we can now apply in our future underwater shoots with clients. We talked about make-up, buoyancy control, the best underwater poses, ways to avoid inhaling water through the nose … all the little details that, together, give sense to a photo so that it communicates something.

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