Pierre Violle & Team

30 years in photography
Who are we?
What happens during an aquatic photoshoot?

Pierre Violle

Photographer & Team manager

A graduate in photojournalism from the Ecole des Métiers de l’Information in Paris, Pierre worked freelance as a photojournalist for 10 years in Europe covering reports for popular magazines such as Marie Claire and FHM.

Aquatic portraits: Pierre moved to the Mexican Caribbean in 2006 to combine his two passions: portrait photography and his love for underwater exploration. Since then, he has been developing his ambitious underwater portrait project, honing his skills and experience in transforming aquatic locations into extraordinary photography studios.

Luis Arnaud


A freelance photographer specializing in portraits, Luis has been working with the team since 2010. Ever calm and composed, his photographs are usually of people in the water, taken from a position out of the water.

Eduardo Cajiga is Lalo

Water assistant / Logistics

It is everywhere, solves all situations. Indispensable for a successful photo shoot. He joined the group in 2019.

How do I get these photographs?

Our priority is that you feel at ease and secure enough in the water to really be yourself. Our team will do all it takes to create safe and pleasant conditions so that you can let go and have a fun and unforgettable experience. Relaxed models help us to take the best photographs that really let their personality shine through.

Underwater portraits require teamwork! Depending on the location and the type of session, there will be three to seven of us on the team. One to three photographers will capture you from various angles, in and out of the water, while our assistants take care of logistics and technical details, water safety, make-up, refreshments and coffee breaks. It’s all in a day’s work on the dynamic set of an underwater photo shoot!

Equipment and Technique

This is the key to creating amazing aquatic photographs. We use up to five different flashes in and out of the water to illuminate an underwater scene. Well-managed light reveals the emotions of the models and enhances the underwater landscape. Let’s not forget the magic of natural light! Our aim is to find the perfect balance between natural and artificial light.

We use Nikon D800 (36 megapixel) cameras and the full Nikon lense range. We use Aquatica underwater housing for our cameras, allowing us to work with all the features of the Nikon D800 in the water.

AQUATICA HOUSING AMBASSADOR: Underwater, all my cameras (Nikon D800 and D850) are in hand-made Aquatica housing.