National Geographic visited us on location at a cenote Trash the Dress session and published a double-page spread of one of our photos in their article on Riviera Maya cenotes.

The magic of the underwater portraits

Silence and peace reign underwater. The interplay between buoyancy and gravity allows for the creation of portraits that would usually be impossible to achieve out of the water. All you need to do is relax, let go and let your body move freely – the result will be amazing photos that keep the memories alive for a lifetime.

About us - Meet The Team

Depending on the demands of the session, the team consists of three to seven people. We organize everything to ensure your experience is safe and comfortable. One to three photographers capture you from various angles under and above the water. Meanwhile, a support team is on hand to assist the photographers with flashes and accessories, to do your make-up, to take care of your safety in the water – and have a hot coffee ready for you when you come out. Without a doubt, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

All water sessions are coordinated by photographer Pierre Violle. Pierre’s career began in Europe where he worked as a magazine photojournalist for 10 years. He settled in the Caribbean in 2006 while developing an original approach to aquatic portraits, with a special focus on lighting underwater scenes.